Refresh and Organize

Written by Adrienne Morgan

On January 15, 2021

In the Spring we plant flowers. In the Fall, there’s football. But what do we do in January? Besides join a new gym…..we organize stuff! Our home, office, car, calendar and smart phone. January is the #1 month for the home organizing industry. Hits on Google which search the topic go up 60 percent in January. Pinterest is lit up with cleaning tips and envy-causing photos of color coordinated closets and spice racks.

I don’t want to brag but, I’m kind of an organizing pro. When I die I want to be buried at the Container Store. I collect boxes, bags and baskets. A lot of them. Here are my picks for some awesome home organizing tips.

Note: this post contains NO affiliate links. I don’t sell any of this stuff. At least, not yet.

The 10 Coolest Organization Hacks of 2021

Some of these are old standards but some were new even to this organization geek. These are tips I found online, and then I’ll share a few from my own (not Pinterest ready) house.


Hide those pesky cords

I just can’t stand the sight of electrical and data cords running amok. Sure, you can buy a cord-hiding plain white box like I did. But why not make your own? This cord hider is much more fashionable. Grab a cute box, cut some holes and…Boom! No more ugly cords.


This hack gives me a zen feeling

What about those chargers and cords you don’t often use? Be honest….they’re a tangled mess hiding in a drawer in your kitchen. I know mine are. Divide a small box with pieces of cardboard then cover those in wrapping paper, just to be extra fancy. Notice how they labeled each compartment. Doing this makes for a great opportunity to toss out those chargers from your 1990’s digital cameras too.


Look for sets like this on amazon…..or anywhere

These are nothing new, but foldable fabric bins are still my favorite organizational tool. Use them in closets, for toys, in the craft room. A matching set of bins brings instant tidy bliss to any room. Add labels for a true organizing win.


So clever!

I literally yelled “Wow” when I saw this pic. I just so happen to have one of these desktop file organizers sitting unused. And I have a mess of trays and platters stacked precariously in a kitchen cabinet. Problem solved!


These are from The Container Store

If you haven’t discovered the wonder that is the clear plastic narrow yet tall bin, you’re in for a real treat. Designed to use for hanging file folders, these bins are also perfect for a ton of other uses. They’re terrific in cabinets as pull out containers. Keep reading because I’m going to show you how I personally used one of these in my garage….


Speaking of pull out bins…..

If you’re not lucky enough to have built in pull out shelves in your cabinets, try this clever hack. Inexpensive? Check. Labels attached? Check. I have a couple under each sink in my house and just love them.



The ubiquitous water hyacinth storage bin has been updated. These babies are foldable. So now I have no excuse for having a little pile of clutter pop up here or there. I can have a bunch of these folded and stashed away ready to use. They’re nice looking in any room and very durable.


Rule #1 of organizing: put like with like

To get organized, you have to sort things. You could sort by color, like in your closet. You could sort by size, like with your dishes. And you can sort by function, like in this cute craft cart. I have seen these at IKEA for $29 in many colors. So if you don’t have a designated space, like a craft room, put your stuff in this cart and wheel it out when the crafting bug bites. This could also be additional storage in a bathroom. Or garage. Or office….


Be sure to measure under bed space before investing in any containers

Under the bed is a wonderful space for storing off season linens, shoes, clothing, etc. Or get one of these fun rolling bins and house your wrapping paper in it. This one is on amazon as a set of 2. Keep reading for my own under-bed storage.


Utilize the inside of cabinet doors

Amazon sells a plethora of storage baskets and racks that go on the inside of cabinet doors. This is a smart use of space for any room. They have these wire types and also plastic types that you can use with Command strips. Pot lids, hair dryer, foil….anything skinny can work here.

Some of My Personal Home Org Hacks

Lucite trays!

I love to group things with trays. My favorite is this 15” square, deep tray. It is parked in one of my clutter zones to use as a catch-all…until I get around to putting stuff away. Also good for a bathroom vanity, today’s mail, and in your home office. You can put any old crap on a tray and instantly improve its appearance.

What to do with all those bags!

I mentioned my affection for the plastic file holders. Since I lack a real pantry or a broom closet, stuff like reusable shopping bags go in my garage. Here, I screwed one of the bins into the wall and…viola! A handy, space saving, organizing solution.

These are made from wicker, one of the strongest basket materials

I have open shelves above my washer/dryer and I didn’t like seeing a bunch of random bottles of cleaners and detergents there. Ballard Design to the rescue! I bought a set of matching basket/bins and grouped products by category. Light bulbs, toilet paper, even sunscreen got its own bin! Now, doing laundry is still a pain but, it’s a bit more satisfying.

Hooks! Cant have too many hooks

Here’s one of my best inside cabinet door organizers. It began as an “over the door” rack. But didn’t fit my cabinet door. So I hacked off the ends and screwed the rack right into the door. By the way, these small hand-broom and dustpan combos are a must have!

There’s about 30 cubic feet of space under there. Use it!

As you can see, I adore baskets. So one of my under bed storage bins (it’s actually a tray) is a lovely wicker one in which I stow my “work to do in bed” stuff.

These are half bins, only 6” high

And finally, here is my most recently purchased set of fabric bins, which I found in my fave color at Target. My intent was to conquer the massive clutter problem I had right inside my entry door. Look, I even used those trendy chalkboard labels (from Michael’s). Now I just need to organize the stuff you can see poking out from these bins and Pinterest, here I come!

Do you feel the urge to organize at this time of year? What’s your favorite hack? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading. And if you’re new here, sign up for twice monthly blog posts about how you can have a Hip Home!

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