5 Things You Didn’t Know You Needed for Your Kitchen

Written by Adrienne Morgan

On December 14, 2020

Every year there’s a huge kitchen and bath trade show, KBIS. Industry manufacturers are under enormous pressure to introduce the latest hot new thing. Here are this year’s best.

1. The faucet that never gets dirty by Kohler

Assuming you have a smart device in your home (“Alexa, play the Spice Girls!”) now you can integrate your plumbing fixtures and appliances with it. This touchless smart faucet is voice commanded and it has state of the art water conserving features. No germy hand contact needed!

2. Three tiered herb garden by Mr. Stacky

This planter is ideal for keeping 12 tasty herbs right in your kitchen. The set comes with the bottom saucer. I just love the name Mr. Stacky.

3. Pure genius…

No, this isn’t a recipie file. It’s the Classic Cuisine 5 Piece Plastic Cutting Board Set by Trademark Global. And it’s a bargain at $22 (Houzz.com). You’d use a separate board for veggies, raw meat, etc and never have to worry about cross contamination. I love the space saving storage design, with each board’s use clearly marked on its tab.

4. The hot new trendy color for kitchens is…..

Dark green?? You just finally decided on a bright blue kitchen island, and those clever designers are trying to make you nuts by declaring a completely different color as what’s “in”. I don’t truly see our obsession with blue kitchens ending anytime soon, but keep an eye out just in case!

5. The drawer charging station

We’ve seen a hundred variations on this handy kitchen, or bath, feature. But so far, those I have seen have all sat on the counter. This drawer, so easy to implement, hides the cord mess. Just don’t leave the house without your phone because you can’t see it hidden in a drawer! My idea: line the drawer with felt.

So of course there were many fancy high tech appliances introduced at the show. I picked these 5 as they were just as cool yet much more obtainable. Hint: I want those cutting boards in my stocking this Christmas!

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